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Outlines (toon shading)


First of all, I'm a french newbie in Guerilla !
I'm currently testing Guerilla 1.3.0.

I've read an old post (in "tips and tricks" section) which expose the "outline" slider in material nodes.

But I can't find this slider... am I blind ? wink

Thx for your help.




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Guerilla dev, the guy to hug

Re: Outlines (toon shading)

Hi Lolal,

I'm talking here only about outlines. For the cell shading part, simply play with the Surface Diffuse -> Cell attributes. Don't forget to subdivide your geometry and to put the Raytracing > Terminator attribute to 1 to get a clean cell effect.

Like you said, this is an old post and this slider does not exist any more. We have a new outline workflow, which uses a displacement shader. Guerilla is now flexible enough to achieve this feature using existing concepts.

You need the following package installed in your Guerilla Render/ directory : … utline.rar

The outlined objects must be duplicated and passed through the RenderGraph/Outline node. One easy way to do this is to instanciate the scene graph which needs outlines in a group called "Outline".

Then using a single RenderGraph/Path node, apply the Outline RenderGraph node to this group.

The final result. Yes this is a cell shading including global illumination, but you can turn it off if you like wink

Like any other objects, you have a total control of your outlines :

* You can shade them, by default they are black
* You can use shading nodes to change the width on the mesh using a vertex color or a texture
* You can render them on a separate layer
* You have 3d motionblur and dof
The outlines ni black and the geometry in white.
The vertex color used as outline width.
The result with a cell shader.

Cyril 'Hulud' Corvazier
Guerilla developer



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Re: Outlines (toon shading)

Hi Cyril,

Thanks very much !
I'll try this today and get back to you.




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